Monday, July 12, 2004

Letters to the Editor

Received this from my NYC friend Sean:


Tom DeLay's in big, Texas-sized trouble. Seems it's illegal to strong arm Enron employees to give $$ to DeLay's PAC and then funnel that money to a state legislative campaign for redistricting.

Gosh, Congresspeople are shocked, shocked to realize that our trade agreement w/Australia includes a funny little requirement that that Australians RAISE THEIR DOMESTIC DRUG PRICES in order to, uh, "even out" cost of R&D worldwide. What Big Pharma contributers to Bush campaign really want is to kill cheaper drug imports.

9/11 Commish reviews its findings and retorts to Veep that, no, you don't know any more than we do and there was no collaboration, nee, not even a productive realtionship between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. And 2 days ago, George Tenet reiterated that it's "increasingly unlikely" there ever was a meeting between Mohammed Atta and an Iraqi agent in Prague, a smoking gun myth V.P Eff-Off still loves to cultivate.

Re: intel process, I say where there's smoke there's fire. Senate Intel committee reports the CIA is ablaze and majority Republicans vote to take their sweet time allowing other shoe to drop: if anyone at the White House or DoD has been playing with flame throwers.

Pakistanis are being threatened cancellation of F-16 sale if they don't step up western border hunt for "high value targets" i.e. you-know-who and his-number-two; they'd luuuuve it if Pakistanis dragged their carcasses out during Kerry's Boston bean bake.

"Boy Scouts" scare tactic: White House is now openly talking about contingency planning (just being prepared, don't you know?) for DELAYING THE ELECTION. So, dear Americans, Remain Afraid, Remain Very Afraid and Four More Years for our Pet Goat-in-Chief. Besides, if martial law is okay in Iraq, why not try it here? Lawsuits against Diebold e-voting are going forward so it's only smart to have a back-up plan at the ready to just hold the democratic process hostage to our national collective pants-wetting.

Memory Lane: Dep Sect'y of Defense Paul Wolfowitz told Vanity Fair magazine in March 2003 that DoD and White House decided to focus on one reason among three, weapons of mass destruction, to push for war. The other two were, in order: threat of terrorism and freeing the long-suffering Iraqi people. There was agreement that the third reason alone was insufficient to persuade the American people that a war was necessary. 16 months later, along with 1,000 American lives lost, 4,000+ soldiers maimed and burned, about 10,000 Iraq CIVILIANS dead, $200BN spent - much unaccountably - and America's reputation, esteem and influence severly damaged, we now know the first threat effectively ceased to exist around the end of the first Gulf War and that the second threat never existed until, arguably, we invaded.

Is it any wonder that more than half the country feels the war was not worth all I've mentioned?

But hey, four more years. Can't let fags get married.

Gonna be a fun summer.



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