Thursday, November 04, 2004

I heard Sean Hannity was stupid but I had no idea...

So when we were driving back from hell, er, Arizona and Texas, yesterday we were masochistically scanning the AM airwaves, listening to the self-righteous gloatfest. The Sean Hanniacs kept referring to this wonderful map on (no link -- look it up yourself -- he's a fucking moron).

So the crackers were all thrilled about this map because it shows the election results by county and it proved to them that there was even more RED RED RED land than they thought. Woo-fucking-hoo!

So I took about three seconds on google and looked up "map of population by county" and found this map from the US Census.

Now what does this map tell me? It tells me that the blue counties -- aka LIB-ER-RUHLS -- are WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE!

Now if I were some kind of educated elitist I might jump to some kind of conclusion that folks who live closer to their neighbors break down barriers, dispel prejudices, learn that we are more alike than different, that we all need help from time to time and the world is actually safer when we have discussions and look out for one another rather than hunker down and lob bombs -- literally and theoretically -- from a distance. But god forbid I make any kind of educated guess based on life experience and tangible evidence. Plus, I'm obviously being naive -- and just plain wrong. This election has taught me, instead, that isolationism is moral, discrimination is just and everyday is opposite day.

Hopefully, as soon as the nausea subsides, I'll get the hang of this...

UPDATE: For a more restrained and articulate -- though no less factual! -- argument, check out Hannity, Scarborough, Henninger, and O'Reilly deceptively used maps to overstate Bush victory at Media Matters


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