Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Aural Sex

Al Franken hasn't yet found a winner for his Bill O'Reilly Impersonation Contest at Air America.

He's offered up the transcript from what he calls the "he said, she taped" phone sex harassment case and asked listeners to do their best blowhard (hard blow?).

He's hoping that Andrea Mackris will submit the real tapes for the contest. Then Mr. O'Reilly will call in and say "Hey, that's me!" and sue Ms. Mackris for breach of gag, thereby exposing himself (I know, pun opportunities abound).

Well, we here at Patriot Actors put on our Imagination Hats and started wondering what it might sound like if those icky, icky words came outta somebody else's mouth... like... hmmm...

Rush O'Reilly

or George W. O'Reilly (careful, this one starts a little on the loud side)

or, since we are lefties -- waaaay lefties -- we are equal opportunity satirists so howzabout William Jefferson O'Reilly? (This one perks Cassandra up quite a bit.)

Hey, Air America, congrats on coming to KTLK in LA! Need any help? I'm underemployed!


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