Tuesday, November 08, 2005


as a human being who still has some faith in the human race and clings to the ideal that we are all equal and down deep more alike than different, i am commited to the idea that when the misguided among us finally understand that they have been misled they will be deserving of my compassion.

for i am further down the path of disillusionment. i have lived longer with the recognition and pain of being let down by my country.

and because of this, i vow to never gloat over the pain and confusion that they will feel as they travel through varying stages of anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance. for ultimately, when the course of our nation is corrected, we will be stronger and fairer and wiser and we will be one family again.

however, i reserved a special, tiny, dark, cold, stinky, sadistic part of my soul for the greedy, self-serving public propagandists who misled my friends, family and neighbors. i'm talking about rush, sean, bill, arnold, karl, dick, colin, condie, george, john & ken and the lauras. may you all eat bird-flu-laden shit and die extremely protracted, physically painful, health-care free, publicly humiliating, itchy, scary, smelly, ugly, lonely deaths.


Blogger Cassandra Complex said...

dutchman says i shouldn't wish death on anyone. he's right. however, in my own defense, i would like to point out that i wished an "extremely protracted" death. i would argue that i am wishing these assholes a looooonger life - just one full of the misery and pain that the policies they advocate would inflict on most average folks in the world...

November 09, 2005 9:48 AM  

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