Thursday, June 22, 2006


i lifted this from a friend i met at camp casey. the next time i see him, i'll have to tell him how when we met with senator feinstein to tell her why she needs to bring the troops home NOW she didn't even know what ptsd stood for...

This is an excerpt from the documentary film, "Hearts and Minds." Although some of you may not agree with me on this, I do believe that one of the root causes of "PTSD," is simply from being a part of an injustice. Here is how this Marine put it:

-What hurts the most, and this is a purely personal thing, you know? Right, wrong or indifferent, that's how I feel. When I was in the Marine Corps... I remember I was in the Marine Corps barracks in Washington. They called it "A," "F," and "I." And they had the Marine Corps drill team there... And I was standing at attention in my uniform, and they were playing the Marine Corps hymn... And they played the Star-Spangled Banner... And I actually started to cry... I cried because i was so proud to be an American, you know? And I was so proud to be a Marine, and in uniform, standing there at attention... That represented so much to me in the way of life and... That's gone, you know? And that hurt... That hurts... That's what I'm bitter about. -Robert Muller. Paralyzed Vietnam Veteran


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