Friday, October 06, 2006

Best Auto Mechanic in Los Angeles

i'm still twitching and apoplectic over the state of the world.

so in the spirit of trying to say something good instead of not at all, i will now take this time to tell you about the best mechanic i have ever ever ever met in my life.

Jim Matson of Matson Automotive.

he's the best. was once voted "most honest mechanic" by the LA Weekly. and he is. our last mechanic never cost us less than $250 - every single time - whether this repair was the same as the last repair we had done a month ago (and still should be under warrantee) or seemed simple and quick, it was a minimum of $250.

after many visits to jim, i'm just now getting a bill for that amount and i'm glad to pay it. when i took my clunker in last month for a stuck gas pedal (yikes!) he didn't charge us anything! a friend passing through town who needed some emergency car care was charged $63 bucks! (he said he'd never paid that little and the ailment had been a mystery back home for months!)

and, by the way, jim is waaaaay cool. just a cool guy. and if he can't fix it, he'll send you to someone who will for a great price. that old mechanic i went to said it would cost a minimum of $800 to fix our sunroof(!) and jim sent us to a place that did it for under $300.

jim is the best. check him out here:


Anonymous Auto repair reviews said...

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October 09, 2011 11:25 PM  

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