Monday, June 21, 2004

Screaming at the Big Apple

Hey! Why the fuck is the West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian Gay Pride Festival called "Christopher Street West?" What the fuck is that all about? Why doesn't WeHo get it's own Gay Pride fest?

New York is a sham. Everything about it is bogus. EVERYTHING in NYC is unnecessarily a pain in the ass. We moved there in 2001 and every time we told someone that we had just relocated from L.A. they'd say "Why'd you do that?" Everybody said it. The postman, the security guy at the library, the librarian, the people at the unions, the people at the temp agencies, even the people running the building where we got the "great" one-bedroom, 40th floor, river view apartment with a terrace (balcony) and parking for $525 a month. Of course our friends didn't ask us because our friends weren't really talking to us since we had such a great deal on the apartment. Seems that being on the waiting list for 16 years didn't really mean we EARNED it.

And then there was that lovely period after 9-11 when we got to live through the anthrax scares. I was particularly disturbed the day that a child of one of the employees at NBC was possibly infected by anthrax sent to tom brokaw. I remember seeing a report on the news that night where they were questioning a bunch of NBC employees who had to also be tested. One guy said it was no big deal to be tested for anthrax because it was "just life in the big city." Right. Go screw yourself. You all think you're so civilized. The rest of the country doesn't live on top of each other like rats in a "luxury" apartment building with 3000 other rats or have raging alcohol problems because the only place to socialize is in bars since their apartments don't hold more than two people at a time. The rest of the country doesn't have to take a cab or a subway or walk 20 blocks to see something green or hear a bird sing. "life in the big city" sucks big donkey dicks. And if you think that having money would make it all better then you're just a bad liberal, because if you are going to spend all that money to live a life that would be marginal in any other city then you're being duped. move to the burbs and give all that extra cash to your downtown boys and girls club.


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