Friday, November 05, 2004

Fallujah to be liberated, um, again?

Today at

Allawi: Falluja will be liberated
With U.S. and Iraqi forces gearing up for an expected major offensive in Falluja, interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said Friday that "we intend to liberate" the city. Against this backdrop, Allawi said today the "window is closing" for a peaceful settlement in the "Sunni Triangle" city. The assault is being planned at a camp outside the city, where Marines are rehearsing urban warfare.

From the AP via Yahoo:

U.S. troops sealed all roads to Falluja on Friday and in Arabic leaflets
and loudspeaker messages urged women, children and non-fighting age men to flee, but said they would arrest any man under 45 trying to enter or leave the city. "The American forces call on women, children and civilians to leave Falluja
for their own safety," said the leaflet.

From Reuters via Common Dreams:

They said the attacks were the heaviest for several weeks. Hospital doctor Ahmed Mohammed said five people had been killed, including a woman and a child. All had been in a car hit in an air raid while trying to escape the violence.

From Operation Truth:

Much of America has been naive enough to think that politics was not playing a part on the battlefields of Iraq. Well America, good friggin' morning. Here is your wake up call. This is as clear as it gets. The White House was waiting until after the election to crank up the intensity in Iraq. The gloves are off now, and three days after our Presidential Election, the Battle for Falluja begins.

Support Our Troops*: Operation Truth

* (unless they're a Swift Boat Democrat, then DESTROY THEM)


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