Wednesday, November 24, 2004

They all think I'm Nuts!

I teach one day a week and I've noticed that lately the other teachers don't want to talk politics with me.

They're all liberals and stuff, but I think I bum them out too much.

I pretty much believe that we're not going to survive the next four years with George W. Bush in office. I mean that literally. We won't survive.

I am used to talking about it in terms of the apocalypse and so forth...

The other ladies have started telling me that things will be fine and not to worry. Then they change the subject to how bad the testing's gotten. They can't teach anymore. They have to test all the time. And then they have to prep for the next test. No real time for teaching and reflecting and learning.

And I'm all worried about the apocalypse and all...

Silly me...


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