Sunday, July 31, 2005

How was yer weekend in Hollywood?

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Well, I'm ending the weekend in Hollywood with a little too much Seagram's for a school night... while Cassandra whips out the final edit of our first puppet movie on the Mac G4/Final Cut Pro sweet ass set up we've got here in Formosa Canyon.

We are cable deprived, so Friday night our playwright friend had us over for Tivo'd Wonder Showzen episodes (how behind the curve are we?) and good lord almighty that show is wicked, wicked, wicked funny. Wish I'd thought of it, but it sets the bar for Jesuspuppet, don't it?

Saturday we were homebound. Cassandra had me dismantle the garage sale dog fur fan for a thorough cleaning, whilst I worked on the laboratory/gynasium/garage we possess here in the heart of Hollyweird.

Later we dined on Food For Less steaks and watched pirated episodes of Six Feet Under. My life is not unlike an episode of Entourage...

Sunday I hiked the wilds of Fryman Canyon on a Taoist battery charge with V and the bhikku Lucas (so what if I've been reading Kerouac? We should all revisit Kerouac at various stages of our life because he chased the dragon's tail for us in the face of 50's America, the air-conditioned nightmare, which has only spread like a virus until our souls have become so corrupt that we have "no idea why they hate us")- followed by a sojourn to the Internationalist House of Pancakes (I'll have the Colorado Omelette, because I've given up hope!), then Cassandra and I went out to find Angel City Books where the helpful longhair bhodisattva of literature offered to open the first editions cabinet but I was too shy and too broke to afford a $4.95 used copy of the Tao Te Ching- oh Jesus my Taoist brother you have no idea how much I could use that right now- I am trying to accept that The Tao Flows but My God the world is falling apart everyday...graceful, helpful old hippie bookshop clerk- when you stepped outside I thought you were communing with a beachbum shiva friend, but upon exit I find that you were on the sidewalk solely for the fresh air and she was on her cell phone barking at the moon... we stopped at 7-11 and I bought M & M's that were bigger than usual and now we are home and Cassandra just asked Final Cut Pro to please give her a"fucking break" followed by ironic, angry laughter and if my old man is reading this blog today (cuz' I bookmarked it as a favorite in his IE last week) I would say to him "Don't worry- I'm happy and I don't drink like this very often I just thought tonight it's no big deal because I work hard for a living just like you did and tomorrow is another workday. "

Thank you, Lucas the Dog, for your speechless wisdom today on the trail.

Message received.

G'night everybody!


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