Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Damn! Dr. Laura Beat Me To It!

Dr. Laura's coming out with her own one-woman show. Damn! I was going to do my own. Mine was going to be called "1 800 D-R L-A-U-R-A BITCH!"

However I lost interest after reading Dr. Laura, the Unauthorized Biography. Prior to that I enjoyed trying to figure out her logic. Subsequently I realized there is none... she's a loon.

I also came to believe in Evil. Didn't before. Not sure I do completely still. I believe more in the idea of imbalance. Afterall, how can you believe in an antichrist if you don't believe in a christ?

But if there is such a thing as Evil, I think "Doctor" Laura Schlessinger is It. And my solo show would basically posit that she is the anti-christ. Think about it. The return of the Beast as a loony, all-powerful radio host with legions of bored, self-righteous housewives as her minions... I'd just have to play copies of her hateful show as evidence...


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