Thursday, November 17, 2005

we're all doomed!

and now for something completely different...

so's yesterday i go to a commercial audition. i work my way across town to a tiny little casting warren. (luckily this one doesn't have any of those nasty "no actor parking" signs around it -- it's all meters, all the time.)

i'm looking for the chevy audition. i'm thinking that the agent said it was chevy tahoe and i'm hoping i'm wrong since i really don't like suvs, my politix and all.. but i can't remember. i got the call at the last minute.

i make my way up to sign in and then i peruse the storyboards which tell me what the copy says and what i'm expected to do for the audition. and there it is. it is indeed for chevy tahoe. which i dread, but wait a minute, i'm renting an suv next week to go camp outside of bush's ranch. suvs can be rented. they are also good for sleeping in, as i did in august in crawford. i slept in my ford explorer the two nights that i was chased out of my tent by big brown spiders... sooo, maybe i can just bite the bullet and rationalize my way into some spending money (ie: rent. which, by the way, is getting harder to keep up with... maybe an suv will be my next home? maybe that's the first step towards our soilent green future)

but this is no regular suv ad. this is an anti-prius suv ad. they actually mock the prius. they think it's funny that a prius is small and that you can't carry as much stuff as you can in the gas guzzling tahoe. i guess it would be hard to load your 300lb children into the back of a prius or something... why the fuck do parents need huge death machinges to carry their kids around in anyway? but i digress..

and not only do they mock the hybrid, but they go on to gloat about their energy consumption. i believe the new slogan is going to be "more miles of fun per gallon."

ha ha ha. so funny. and cute! fun fun fun. who the fuck cares about the environment and the future and the folks giving their lives for oil? i need a biiiiiig fucking truck just to carry all my stuff around so fuck you! i'm even going to attach grill bars so that i'm sure to decapitate you when i'm talking on my cell phone sometime..

i wonder if i'll get a callback...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post. Also, Toyota has a new Hybrid, and its an SUV. Get yourself on the waiting list and lease one (you can write 70% of the cost off your taxes, since you travel to auditions with it.) So far, mine gets 31 mpg; not stellar but not 12 either. Like your blog, btw.

November 26, 2005 5:00 AM  

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