Tuesday, November 14, 2006

how the hell to contact nancy pelosi

so's i'm listening to all this crap about murtha and hastings and how they have the stank of corruption hanging all over their down lows and i get all fired up and ready to send my feelings to nancy pelosi, future speaker of the house and proponent of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act so's i do a google on her and the first link takes me to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, California, 8th District where there's a nifty little place to send her an email. so's i write to her:
PLEASE don't make ethics mistakes! PLEASE! you have given me faith in my country again, don't let me down... murtha and hastings have the appearance of corruption -- whether it's proven or not (and it looks pretty solid to me) you cannot say we will be honest and then have this appearance. we must be above reproach. do the right thing, PLEASE

and then i hit me some "sends" and i get the cheesy little message that tells me that since i don't live in san francisco, my email won't get to her (thanks for telling me that after i sent the damn thing) and sends me to this link for the democratic leader. only this fkng page doesn't have any way to contact nancy.

hey webmaster - you're a dick!

now i'm good and worked up so i gets me some phone numbers and i start making the calls and i tell them what losers i think they are and what a great start we're off to if the speaker's only interested in speaking and not listening. her home office gave me this email address americanvoices@mail.house.gov which ain't nowhere on any of the sites. and the local office told me they were only interested in passing along any messages that have to do with local issues, not national ones.

hey phone answerer - you're a dick too!

now send her an email and tell her what you think.

yep, we have more work to do... the gloatboat has landed it's time to roll up our sleeves and keep an eye on the pols!


Blogger Tom Rakewell said...

The way to contact Speaker-elect Pelosi through the House Leader page is to first click on "About Nancy Pelosi" and then on the next page click on "Contact Leader Pelosi." The address is http://democraticleader.house.gov/contact.cfm.

November 24, 2006 6:45 PM  

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