Monday, January 08, 2007


so it's the eve of the eve of the president's new way forward/benchmarks speech (also known as stay the course/timeline speech) and i'm not feeling particularly charitable.

you know, cassandra is the ultimate i-told-you-so-er. i hate it when even the libs talk about how fkn united we all were after 9/11 when the president gave his speech to the nation, how we all trusted him to do the right thing. i wasn't and i didn't. i remember it very clearly. we had driven across country from nyc to texas to be with a dying relative (since all the planes were grounded) and i was driving from home to hospital to relieve my mother for the nightshift of our round the clock bedside vigil and i was barely able to listen to the moron in chief on the radio because i was basically hyperventilating in fear and trying to keep the car on the road.

we had been in new york city a few days earlier when the towers fell and i never felt such a profound sadness. i think the entire city was not only mourning the loss of loved ones but praying that they would not be sacrificed to the gods of war and violence.

even the idea of going to afghanistan was unacceptable to me. not led by this administration. they were never to be trusted.

why couldn't the rest of the country see what a fucking moron he was?

and when all the information started coming out about the lies and the sexing up of the intelligence i just kept asking myself how i knew they were lies and others didn't. i'm just a fkn actor, for zeus' sake. all i do is pay attention. and by all means, i wish if was fkn wrong! i wish i was the idiot. it would make life a lot simpler.

but instead, i was right. you can't force democracy. you can't get peace through violence. you can't get support through threats. duh. fkng duh.

which brings me to a great flick we saw last night. idiocracy. an average guy ends up being the smartest guy on earth. it's kinda irritating and lonely to be surrounded by fools -- and for a movie, it's kinda funny. i personally think it's terrifying and real, but what the hell, let's laugh at the fiction. we probably won't survive long enough for it to become reality anyway

rent idiocracy now. it's awesome.


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