Sunday, May 06, 2007


there are now four different investigations into the police brutality against immigrants and media on May 1 in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. 60 officers have been removed from "the streets."

will someone please find out how many of those officers mowing down civilians with their weapons blazing are returning Iraq vets?

i support our troops. i want them home and alive and healthy. and i want the killing/torture/abuse of innocents to stop, no matter where they were born or what color their skin. but i know from talking to cops at various protests that some of them have served and do serve in the guard and the reserve. the LAPD is proud of the way it treats its guardsmen and reservists. check this out: The Department of Defense honors the Los Angeles Police Departmentfor its support of employees serving in the National Guard and Reserve

and as lefty as i am, i have found it difficult in the past to say that we support the troops and then see folks at our demonstrations treat the cops poorly. they are both serving society in a way they see fit.

however, in light of recent polls that show that military members believe in torture --- a result, i believe is of being underprepared, underarmed and then trained by rumsfeld and now negroponte --- what can we expect?

we can expect our guard and our reserves to be broken. and our police forces. this criminal administration is breaking the very infrastructure of our country.
the only thing i have ever seen trickle down is corruption.

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