Friday, March 23, 2007

Why I Haven't Been Blogging

it's not like i haven't been thinking about it, i have. but i'm afraid that if i write down my thoughts i might just spread my despair around and make the world even gloomier.

so i think i'm going to start a new blog shortcut. from now on, when i read something that just sends me deeper into thoughts of self immolation and/or resigned maniacal laughter i'll just post it with no comment as such. i truly am exhausted and saddened beyond expression at where our country has ended up. i want to be hopeful i just can't muster it yet.

and then there's the radio. yeah, i listen more than i should. but i spend a good portion of my day doing mindless work and keeping up with the world thru the radio makes the chores go faster. or used to.

lately, our local "progressive" station decided to go "mainstream" with a faux liberal named marc germain, or "mr. k." this guy brings up such pressing progressive topics as the phil spector trial and dismissing the pet food recall instead of local activism like harrison on the edge, the local talkhost he replaced.

the only encouraging thing to note about his show is that since i have KTLK programmed into my cellphone already i've been annoyed enough to call in a couple of times in the past week. man, it is no trouble to get right through. his screener, bill, is a nice guy. but there is absolutely no waiting.

i don't usually try to get on the air. i actually ask bill to pass on info -- like when i called twice last week and asked if KTLK was so proud of being "live and local" in drive time, why they weren't promoting the upcoming peace rally on the 17th instead of discussing the merits of green beer and spending an hour plugging a lawyer who prides himself on springing drunk drivers (really). bill said he would do his best and he agreed it was a good idea. i followed up with a detailed email to KTLK.

but mr K. never talked about the peace rally. wait. scratch that. he did talk about it on monday when he mocked it and all the participants... but i digress... i'll post some audio later and let y'all judge for yourself.

the reality is this. it's easy to get through to the asshole because nobody's calling in. i sent him an email today and told him (and the station and the sales manager at the station) that they should change their slogan to "3-7pm: a great time to listen to npr" or kpfk for that matter... i think it's about time for some donations without a pledge drive. and it's also time to call ktlk's advertisers and tell them they might want to sponsor one of those public stations...

it's just too depressing to have to deal with this shit anymore...

Update: i don't get many hits these days, since i've been in hibernation. but the few i do are searching for "Mr. K and KTLK" (ego surf much marc?) just in case you still want to defend the loser, here's a pic of the big ass. Mr. K loves Bill O'Reilly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buddy, you gotta get over it. You off your meds again? Harrison is gone and he ain't coming back. Maybe this Germaine guy is just trying to do a good show. I never listened cause each time I tune in, it's sports but your post makes him sound compelling. I'm gonna start tuning in on Monday. Maybe he'd respond to you if you weren't so vulgar. If you sent me that email, I'd ignore you too.

March 24, 2007 6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous, maybe you should listen before you defend Mr. Krap? Tune in on Monday, see if you can last a whole show -- if they don't pre-empt him first.

Listeners tuned into KTLK because it was the only lefty show in town -- their old slogan was literally "it's all that's left." Why shouldn't their audience push back for what they want?


March 24, 2007 1:26 PM  

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