Monday, July 12, 2004

That's it! I'm voting Repug now!

Crowd Turns Out To See Edwards Go To Church, Including Convicted Peeper... Convicted peeper Samuel Ferebee, in blue shirt, was one of many who greeted Sen. Edwards following church services.

Thank god for Matt Drudge!

The daily bottom feeder points out in his yellow-journalism rag that the new VP candidate actually shook hands with a convicted felon!

Now I know I have to vote Repugnicunt! No way can I support a candidate who would shake hands with a crowd of people who includes this type of scum. And you know that the guy probably told him up front that he was a perv! I don't see a sign on the fella in the pic, but any VP candidate should know these things!

Bush and Cheney would never shake hands with criminals.


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