Thursday, July 01, 2004

Anybody up for a swim?

Who wants to start a pool?

How long before Saddam Hussein is back in power? Days? Weeks? Months? Minutes?

"Everyone all over the world agrees that Saddam Hussein should be put on trial in front of the Iraqi people," said Baghdad resident Ahmad al-Lami.

However, the turmoil of the past 14 months has led to a longing for the stability and order of the ousted dictatorship, at least among Sunni Arab Muslims who now feel threatened by the possibility of a Shiite-dominated government.

Nostalgia for Hussein -- a Sunni -- is strongest in Sunni-dominated parts of the country most heavily involved in the insurgency.

"Saddam Hussein was a national hero and better than the traitors in the new government," a resident of Hussein's hometown of Tikrit told APTN, refusing to give his name.

In Fallujah, an insurgent stronghold west of Baghdad, resident Ammar Mohammed suggested the Americans should be put on trial first, because they "killed thousands if Iraqis in one year of occupation."

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Blogger My Real Name said...

Overheard on the O'Franken Factor on Air America Radio on Wednesday:

Christian Science Monitor correspondent Annia Ciezadlo reported there is a joke going around Baghdad these days -- They need the death penalty in Iraq because if they don't kill Saddam soon they'll reinstate him.

July 02, 2004 1:36 PM  

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