Monday, August 02, 2004

Another one bites the dust

The show closed Saturday night. This is a relief...see, I enjoy acting, being in something, having a place to go... but there often many times in my life when I just hate having a place to go. I'm not sure if this is a character flaw, or a character trait.

But you know, working the week (gripe gripe gripe) makes you really appreciate those precious two days that belong to you again, and having to go someplace can suck sometimes.

Well, now I have no place I have to go except work. Wait, maybe this is worse... I need to be in something else. Right now.

But work today was a little easier, because my stress cycle has reached that point where it's all just too funny, and I don't give a cee-rap...

But in the wind, on the horizon, are reminders that the Robber Baron Privateers are out there, raiding and corrupting the Ship of State- and by Privateers I don't mean those adversaries of the Barbary Coast pirates of yesteryear- I mean those that want to privatize EVERYTHING. Can you imagine a world where everything costs you something? Water? Air? Sunlight? Because somebody somewhere owns the rights to it?

This documentary THIRST sent the Mrs. into a downright downward spiral. Watch at your peril- no, avoid it at your peril. They want to privatize our water, people. Our WATER.

So what is this tax thing about? Hastert is out of the closet as a Grover "Date Rape" Norquist anti-tax commando. What does this mean? Where do they get richer while somebody else pays the way. (Sorry for the Drudge link- just watching the watchers.)


I have to remind myself that they really are fascists. That "Freedom Fries" war fever that gripped this mourning land was not Patriotism. It was Nationalism. Nationalism mixed with a Fascist Adminstration means we are in danger of becoming the Galactic Empire.

I wouldn't have the balls to do it (so maybe I should) but I have this urge to edit Luke Skywalker's Death Star trench run with footage from 9/11... but maybe that's too dead on. And maybe that's a good thing, eh?

A shower. Spaghetti. Yo momma looks like Yeti. Relax time now- work tomorrow, no show on Friday. There is a weekend on the horizon.

All I have to do is remember to keep my eye on them...



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