Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What, Me Serve?

Why in the world, if the president doesn't support the troops, should troop-supporters support the president?

Take a look at this nifty little article in It'll tell you all about the battle of Fallujah and how the military commanders didn't want to go in. But the civilians in the White House said do it, so they did. And that month, April 2004, turned out to be the bloodiest so far for both sides, "liberators" and "liberated" alike

But, hey, wait! Then the president FLIP FLOPPED AGAIN and pulled out against the advice of those with the military know-how as well.

Maybe, just maybe, if Bush had shown up for his National Guard service he would have known one of the "basic U.S. military tenets" like choosing the time and place of battle so as to have the element of surprise.

I'm by no means a warrior, but if our leader is going to send our children into battle he best know what the fuck he is doing.


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