Saturday, September 18, 2004

How can America be so close, yet so far apart?

We are so evenly divided in numbers, and so vastly polarized on issues. Where there used to be a political spectrum, there is now only the political divide. We have devolved into a myopic, colorblind people who see only black and white, extremists one and all.

Is the unruly, inclusive, rebellious Left only truly united in their opposition to Bush? If so, have they not then allowed themselves to be defined by the bullying Bush Squad and their obedient, tractable minions? How did this happen? And was it not the hatred of Clinton - or any other outsider who might have stumbled into the Inner Circle - that united the Right in the first place?

And now it is undeniable that there was, indeed, a vast Right Wing Conspiracy to depose Bill Clinton.

But who could have known that the Right would have struck such a chord with the American/human psyche? One with such resonance ...

Of course, it was simply a matter of time and numbers before they'd happen upon such a strong, powerful, archetypical chord.

That it was Bill Clinton's phallus is just sadistic irony.

Because a big swinging dick is the perfect symbol for how we are all - fascist hippies and anarchist fundamentalists alike - getting fucked.

As Kobe likely said to his former accuser, [name withheld], "Oh no you don't! Bend over, bitch, and enjoy the ride, it's gonna be a long one."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


That covers my world. Lets do love sometime.


September 21, 2004 3:03 PM  

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