Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Perfect Gift For Your Littlest Future Draftee!

Very meaningful link from the front page of AOL today:

Jeweled Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head For 53 years, he's been a spokes-potato for children of all ages. Now the high-carb charmer and his Mrs. are movin' on up. The exclusive, limited-edition Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, hand-encrusted with sparkling Swarovski crystals, took more than 80 hours to make. Price: $8,000 each
For more info check out the very meaningful definition of conspicuous consumption at Wikipedia.org

Then, if you're as angry as I am, consider sending a buck or two (really, every single dollar counts) to Coalition Against Militarism In Our Schools (CAMS) P.O Box 3012, South Pasadena, 91031.

UPDATE: The big bad RNC puts the bootheel down on the neck of your little Rock-the-Vote, MTV-watching, peace-loving, future-draft-dodging-hippie-scum


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