Friday, November 05, 2004

Pink and Blue

I've had maps on the brain all day... listening to too much Righteous Radio Repugs. I started with this little rant down below disparaging Sean Hannity but the folks over at Media Matters wrote a much more civilized article with even niftier interactive MAPS so check us both out!

But all that spatial/graphic/geographic/landslidic obsessing got me thinking 'bout somthn else so I'm just gonna spew it!

Go ahead -- compare and contrast! Yet again!

First, here's the electoral map from this here year's presidential election. Notice that all of us homo-lovin, tree-huggin, war-hatin, health-care-wantin, patriot-act-fearin... you get the idea... notice that most of US live in the BLUE states:

Now, here's an old timey map from just before the civil war -- the first civil war, that is... notice that all the slavery-hatin, "morals"-carin, freedom-lovin, and-willing-to-fight-for-it types are depicted in PINK (or LIGHT RED for you Orwellian, conspiracy freaks out there)...

Now for fairness' sake, only the darker states were the slave states. The lighter, green states hadn't decided yet, or weren't states yet, or were still fighting the laws that said no more slave states... but those pink states... they were sure. They were free. And now they are FUCKING BLUE!

We have a proud, long heritage. And it is a moral one. And curse words notwithstanding, you self-righteous hypocrites can go Cheney yourself!


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