Friday, December 03, 2004

i'm going to miss the radio...

at first i was angry with howard stern, but i'm starting to forgive him.

it's sort of how i feel about steve martin. i kinda hold him responsible for the rudening of america. remember when he created that whole "excuuuuuuuuse me!" persona? remember when that became a huge catch phrase and everybody started saying it as a joke? then they started really meaning it. then we couldn't stop thinking it. about everybody. everybody else. all those other people, the ones in our way. the clueless ones. like at the grocery store or the mall or in their cars. especially other people in their cars.

steve martin started road rage.

and now howard stern is arming the taliban. when howard moves to privatized radio the poor will be Left Behind. (and if it follows the tim lahaye model then we LB's will have to fight against the forces of evil until howard returns.)

the public "free" radio airwaves will become more and more conservative. the closed minded won't pay for radio and the poor and uneducated won't be able to. we'll be easy pickins for the moralizing hypocrites who drone on and on on more and more stations. next we'll hear even more from the religious right who seem to be taking over their share of the free tv. the american taliban will thrive. the divide will deepen. i don't know where it will lead but it doesn't look pretty.

at first i was angry with howard, but i'm starting to understand. this week they've really started cutting his show to shit. and it's not just the sex stuff they're censoring. big chunks are getting skipped about his future and who knows what? he must feel like there is no place for him. it's the only thing he can do. i wish he would rethink it and stay here and fight. it's kind of like deciding not to move to canada. a true believer has to stay and fight as long as they can. think about coming back soon, howard.

for now, i'll just have to settle for listening to janeane garafalo calling jerry falwell a dick like she's doing right now on air america. you go janeane!


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