Friday, February 04, 2005

What Do Democrats Stand For?

i keep hearing libs asking "what does the democratic party really stand for?"

give me a fucking break.

we stand for the future and for sharing the risks and rewards of community. we stand for saving for a rainy day and helping out our neighbors and even the folks we may never meet who need help.

and why? because it's the right thing to do.

because why in the world do you belong to a community, a party, a country if not to band together during the rough times? and in order to do that, you have to share during the good times, too, for crying out loud, you fucking morons!

why else do we do it?

for altruism. because we are the party of altruism. yes. and folks can say that there is not such a thing, i've heard that one my whole life, that ultimately altruism is self serving. fine. i get a huge, fucking, giant, selfish, orgasmic, thrill out of doing the right thing. excuse the fuck out of me. it's awesome! try it sometime!

and if you can't buy the altruism then buy the guilt. it's the party of guilt. because i have trouble sleeping at night, eating expensive meals and dancing at million dollar balls knowing that there are sick children who need to see doctors going to sleep in my country tonight, knowing that there are somebody's kids and fathers and mothers fighting an unjust war in my name tonight, knowing there are men who have been disappeared from their wives and mothers and children by people acting on my behalf tonight.

i take it very personally -- seriously, personally, i take it personally -- when i see a young woman wearing the uniform of my country humiliating another human being . i take it personally when injured, sick soldiers waiting for health care for months on end are nickled and dimed for their lunches at walter reed hospital -- returning veterans who can't work or earn money or be with their families -- the government, the military -- who work for me, can't buy them crappy hospital cafeteria food while they're waiting to get medical care! that is my fault.

even though i didn't vote for the asshole in charge who decided to ream those guys, even though i didn't pocket the money that halliburton stole or the billions of dollars that are unaccounted for in iraq, it is my fault, i take personal responsibility for the fact that those guys and girls have to pay for their meals. so if you don't like guilt, the party of guilt? not so catchy... maybe you like the party of responsiblity. i hold myself personally responsible for the fact that we let those jerks win.

so the only thing i don't know right now is how to make things better. i certainly don't want to beat them at their own game, because i don't want to play their game. but i'll tell you something. i do know what we stand for. now, the rest of you can pull your heads out of your asses and help me figure out what to do about it.


Blogger Barbara said...

Even though I don't want to play their game either, I wouldn't mind seeing George Soros put some of his millions into a news network to rival Murdock's Fox and be blatantly on the side of "doing the right thing." Soros' classy foundation site is just not going to sway the tv masses, because it's not in their line of vision, and I still believe that there are the roots of revolution in those masses, if we could shake them up again.

February 05, 2005 5:08 AM  

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