Monday, March 21, 2005

OOOh, now you want your judges to be activists...

what dicks. what hypocritical dicks.

HERE's a good article on terri schiavo and the hypocrisy of tom delay and george bush. have you heard of sun hudson? it's about time you do. he's passed on now. he didn't have health insurance and he had the misfortune of being born in texas where the hospital decides whether you live or die if you are on life support and can't afford health insurance. his mother wanted him to live but that doesn't matter anymore... besides she was poor. that's immoral, right?

couple of other cruel random thoughts:

would a bulemic want to be fed with a tube? maybe she would, but maybe a little less...

if terri dies before the judge decides, does that make him a good judge? he won't be an activist, meddling judge then, will he?

fuck the hypocrites!


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