Friday, March 04, 2005

Bushes don't get old people

According to an ABC News story tonight*, the Bush Administration "doesn't understand" why their social security agenda isn't more popular with seniors, who won't be affected by any changes to the system.

They don't understand because they are conservatives- people who believe in looking out for number one, that if it doesn't hurt me then I don't care . Conservatives are notoriously short-sighted.

They can't fathom that our older generation might want their children and grandchildren to have what they have. The Greatest Generation is patriotic and doesn't delight in the idea of fucking over the people they will leave behind.

See, as Anne Frank reminded us, the majority of people are good at heart.

The Bush Administration cannot understand this.

*(this was first posted few weeks ago, over at Dodging the Apocalypse. The Dodger just paid $80.31 into Social Security on his most recent paycheck, and he wants George W. Bush and Grover "Date Rape" Norquist to keep their fucking hands off of it. If that money aint there when he needs it, he's goingto punch you in the neck, Grover "Date Rape" Norquist.)


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