Thursday, April 07, 2005

Oh... we did write the Schiavo memo... and DeLay supports child prostitution

I do so love the way the Repugs take responsibility for their actions.

After right-wingnut speculation that the offensive Schiavo memo was really written by some libruls (learning from the dark master Rove?) it turns out that it came out of Sen. Martinez's (R-FL) office.

I like this part, form the CNN report:

"Until this afternoon, I had never seen it and had no idea a copy of it had ever been in my possession," Martinez said of the document. He had previously denied knowing anything about the memo and condemned its sentiments.


Martinez, in his statement, said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, had asked for background information on the bill ordering a federal court to review the Schiavo case.

He said he pulled a one-page document from his coat pocket and handed to Harkin. "Unbeknownst to me ... I had given him a copy of the now infamous memo."

Say wha? Martinez had no idea that the memo, in his pocket, that he handed to Harkin, was the Schiavo memo?

In the ABC News story, there's this:

In recent days, conservative Internet bloggers questioned whether the memo was authentic or had really been sent to GOP senators as first reported. The Washington Times reported Wednesday it surveyed the Senate and found only one senator, Democrat Tom Harkin of Iowa, who acknowledged seeing the memo.

In his statement, Martinez acknowleged he inadvertently gave Harkin the memo without ever reading it. But he acknowledged his staffer was responsible for both "drafting and circulating" the memo. He did not specify where else the memo was sent.

Sooo... Harkin asks Martinez for the latest on the Schiavo case, and Martinez hands him a memo drafted by his staffer, but now says he didn't know what he was handing to Harkin, didn't know the memo was in his possession?

"Unbeknownst to me..." "... inadvertently gave ... the memo." What a dick.

Oh yeah- Tom Delay supports sweat shops and child prostitution. Ain't he cute?

The DeLay trip to the South Pacific island, originally reported by a "20/20" investigation, was part of an effort by former aide Jack Abramoff to stop legislation aimed at cracking down on sweatshops and sex shops in the American territory, which is known as the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Abramoff, who was working for the law firm Preston Gates Ellis and Rouvelas Meeds LLP at the time, was paid $1.36 million by Saipan officials and wrote in a memo obtained by ABC News that such congressional trips were "one of the most effective ways to build permanent friends on the Hill."

Abramoff is now under federal investigation for his lobbying activities, including Saipan, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

Wouldn't it be funny if DeLay's daughter got lost on the trip and stumbled into some Saipanese red light district and was kidnapped and forced into prostitution and then got AIDS and stuff?

I wonder how Tom DeLay would feel if his daughter was turned into a child prostitute. I wonder if he ever thought about that. You know, that child prostitutes are people's daughters... that they're human beings?

Oh yeah, he's a Republican. And Wal-Mart needs shirts and white men need the freedom to fly to Saipan to have sex with children.


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