Sunday, August 21, 2005

heading up and moooooving out

sorry i've been a bit quiet lately... i'm busier than hell trying to get packed up and caught up before leaving for crawford...

i'm hoping to stay in touch once i'm there. i leave tomorrow, monday. i'll probably stay at my parents' house monday night to get geared up. my mother is packing equipment right now -- she says she's packing me like an army wife, whatever that means... i just figure that all those years of girl scout camping are finally paying off.

the phone's been ringing off the hook, folks wanting to come by and drop stuff off. i can't decide whether to answer the door... i haven't been answering the phone... i'm afraid i won't get the video editing project done before i leave -- i'm trying to complete the first rough cut of a one-hour play i'm involved with... am i making sense?

more later..?


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