Thursday, August 18, 2005

last night's vigil

dutchman and i headed up to hollywood and la brea for last night's candlelight vigil in support of cindy sheehan and her quest to get the truth out of herr president.

we didn't take our camera or anything, just ourselves. but cameras couldn't have caught the biggest impression of the evening.

i've been to so many marches and vigils in my busy neighborhood that i've lost count. but last night was the first one where the entire time there wasn't one single counter protester.

not only that, but not one single driver passing by expressed disapproval of our cause. to the contrary, we got tons of honking horns and peace signs. dutchman said that he was paying attention to it long enough to notice that every changing stoplight cycle at least one car honked approval. most of the time, it was many more.

it used to be quite different. we'd always get at least one misguided someone with a big flag shouting us down from across the street. and then there was the usual scary big suv full of meatheads who would circle the block yelling and swerving and flipping us off.

but this time, none of that. just peace signs and horn honks in approval.

the times, they are achanging.


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