Thursday, September 15, 2005

What Cassandra Sees

just got back from a roadtrip to help organize for the revolution. two events and a press conference in the bay area. went well, more about that later..

the question cassandra has been pondering since bush's fema started turning away help at the borders of katrina's devastation is this -- how long will it take the repugnicunts to blame trial lawyers?

after all, as far as robber barons are concerned, liability is the only possible, bureaucratically insane enough reason to deny food and water and safety to the huddled masses. fear of legal retribution if you fuck it up. gots to guard the hoarded money bags! gots to protect the drug companies! can't expose deep pockets! (those deep pockets must be where the chickenhawks hide their fucking balls)

"it's the trial lawyers fault." brilliant strategy -- and preemptive strike at our next candidate, john edwards. it's only a matter of time...


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