Sunday, September 11, 2005

it's the end of the world as we know it

i'm feeling so f'ing detached from the computer, composing, rewriting and mindbloggling away -- only to never find the time to actually sit down and write...

however i just heard the biggest piece of crap i've heard in my life and i can't find it anywhere on the net to cut and paste or quote from so i'm forced to sit down and report on it while it's still steaming.

i'm up, pulling another all nighter, packing, laundering, editing and all around cramming for another trip out to save the world. heading to SF tomorrow. tonight, i'm listening to "coast to coast" on talk radio while doing chores.

so i hear this subhost, ian punnet, going on about various sensational, freeaky katrina stories and then he makes and awkward, awkward, awkward segue that went something like this:

"it was later confirmed that the suburban police turned around 200 people and sent them back over the bridge, back into new orleans. they were reported as saying 'this isn't the superdome.' two paramedics also confirmed that the police confiscated the food and water of the people after turning them back. but let's not forget about 9/11..."

yeah, you read that right, and then he completely digresses into a tribute to the "involuntary soldiers" of 9/11 who fought the bad guys with airline food and/or briefcases and compares them to the "voluntary soldiers" who are dying now to make us safe. at this point the rhyme scheme is showing and i realize he's snuck us into a poem or a song or something. the repeating refrain is (paraphrasing - duh):

something about the two towers
if i could have those people back
(i'm thinking country song since it's pretty fucking sappy) -- only when he refers to the soldiers dying now, after:

something about the two towers
if i could have those people back

he sneaks in this little couplet about how fucking valiant they are EVEN IF THE WAR IS WRONG.

even if the war is wrong? at that point i'm thinking "that is one of the most obscene things i've ever heard." war is it. it's worse than the word cunt or nigger or showing hard core porn at a little kid's birthday party. murdering another human being, ripping a person who is loved out of this universe, maiming children and training young people to kill is putrid, vile and beyond my comprehension.

so while i'm stunned into contemplating this i hear that the poet believes that this wrong war is ok since we succeeded in obliterating the taliban because:

something about the two towers
if i could have those people back

and EVEN THOUGH THE WAR IS WRONG at least saddam hussein is gone.

"if i could have those people back."

so the writer believes the ends justifies the means, right? or what? oh, yeah, EVEN THOUGH THE WAR IS WRONG, at least we set the iraqis free (well, the men we set free, the women we set back).

but then he goes on to end, ohh, so poignantly with this nice warm bucket of spit:

but i'd give afghanistan to the taliban
and to saddaam i'd give back iraq
something about the two towers
if i could have those people back.
so, in other words, the taliban (which, by the way, IS back) and saddaam were the noble cause that casey sheehan and 1,894 other voluntary soldiers died for. it's noble what we've done to those countries and all those dead people because:

something about the two towers
(shhhhhhhhhh! -- let's not talk about osama bin forgotten or the saudis who actually did do something about the two towers) but of course, it's not so noble that we would ever have given a rat's ass about the oppressed in afghanistan and iraq if ... if ... hmmm:

if i could have those people back

we're all doomed


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