Sunday, September 11, 2005

more later...

i still plan to blog about camp casey... my mind is still awhirl with the amazing experience i had there.

i'm going to have to just distill things down tho, to little sound bytes. otherwise, i'll either a/never get to it b/never finish it c/no one will ever read it because it will be too fucking long

so let these two completely unrelated things stand in for now:

1/ a great joke i read on the camp casey alumni site (which i will credit to the author when i find him/her) Q: why didn't the chicken cross the road? ... are you ready? give up? okay... A: because cindy sheehan was on the other side.

2/ there is nothing in my life (right now) more tortuous, more incapacitating, more depressing than small talk and bad art. add the search for profundity and cake eating while rome burns outside the window into the mix and i find myself poisoned with a concoction that only a few weeks of couch surfing for the cause will exorcise. are you lost? do you have no idea what i'm talking about? great! i wouldn't want to offend anyone.


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