Saturday, January 07, 2006

apoplectic apocalypsist's ellipses

once again my prescience haunts me...

back in november i bitched, yet again, about the worthlessness of gas-guzzling, earth-raping, child-maiming SUVs and paused to wonder if the reason their popularity continues to grow despite their dangers is because they will eventually become our homes.

well looky looky:

"It's the GM 'Pad,' a combination car and loft apartment. ...General Motors calls the GMC PAD 'an urban loft with mobility.' It was the company's entry in the Design Challenge Award at the Los Angeles Auto Show, a competition encouraging automakers to build a vehicle that adapts best to the frenetic world of southern California."

it's all tongue in cheek, i think, i hope, but isn't the fucking hummer the worst joke you can imagine? and not only is it real, but you can get the rest of us to subsidize one for ya!

and just in case you've forgotten ... wait ... what was it i was going to remind you of? ... wait... oh, yeah... there happens to be a war on. that's it. and yesterday at the auto show there were some brave folks who climbed in some of those hummers and shouted "hummers aren't worth buying when soldiers in iraq are dying!" and held signs that said "real soldiers are dying in their hummers so you can play in yours" and "hybrids not hummers."

now i only know this because i talked to a friend who is a gold star aunt who was there and told me things got kinda rough. i can't find any media about it though. it's so much cuuuuuter to cover a future with all of us losers who aren't part of the ownership society moving into our new "pads!"

HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Blogger Pulaski said...

I for one would buy a Pad and move my family about as I saw fit. But then there would be towns all across america with 'No Pad Parking" and "keep movin your Pad through" signs. Over here in Poland SUV's are as rare as hybrid cars in the USA. Oh don't get me wrong your average pole would love an SUZ but couldn't afford one nor the gas to keep it running at roughly $5.50 a gallon, a kings ransom here.

March 20, 2006 5:17 AM  

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