Tuesday, February 07, 2006

farewell coretta...

i met an actual reader of my blog at a party on saturday night! beautiful pink-haired blog reader! makes me feel bad that i haven't been keeping up. i have good reasons though. i'm currently producing a play in new york city, editing a video of said play, negotiating a meeting with senator feinstein to bring the troops home NOW and doing whatever i can to bring some delinquent sixth graders to realize that drama is not an excuse to talk back to me and act like fools!

i'll try to keep up with the bloggin... in the meantime, i got one of those endlessly forwarded emails the other day with my new favorite bush joke. enjoy:

and farewell coretta. i would be proud to have folks shame that asshole at my funeral...


Anonymous Monstrgurl said...

Yep you have readers! There are more of us out here too! I might be the only Pink one though :) I'm sending a Blue hair your way in a minute.... It was nice to get to chat with you at the party... shrimp, cheese and bush bashing! It was a great night! cheers! T

February 08, 2006 6:31 PM  

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