Thursday, March 23, 2006


jonesin for cable teevee again. wishing i could see last night's episode of south park, "The Return of Chef!"
instead of spending money on cable we spend it on computer which means i have to surf to piece together what happened.

ended up at where he wraps up the whole scientology scathe with this:

"While likening Scientology to a "fruity little club" may be funny in a bratty sort of way, we're wondering if perhaps it's giving them too easy a retaliatory target. They are, after all, a club that helped many a conflicted little fruit kick their dangerous anti-psychotic medication habits, resolve their past-life issues, and maximize their life potential"
ummmmm... is he for real? or do i need to change the batteries in my joke detector?

for a good/better/interesting take on this check out the new york times


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