Tuesday, February 14, 2006

oh goodness gracious!

recently got sucked into checking the with my old high school message board. jiminy!

My favorite teacher in high school would be one of two. First was my junior english teacher, Mrs. C. She made english interesting and seemed to take the time to REALLY explain things to me when I didn't catch it the first time. We read "The Glass Minacery" and even though I am not a reader in general, I really enjoyed the book. (even if I can't spell it) :) My next favorite, would be my Senior english teacher, Mrs. W, I think that was her name. We watched the movie "Olive Twist" during class, and I really fell in love with that movie at that time. Of all the teachers I had during my years there at good ole' --- .

i removed the name of the school to keep us all from undue embarrassment. poor teachers...


Blogger Dutchman said...

I love doing the Olive Twist.

Or having an Olive Twist in my martinnys

February 14, 2006 1:22 PM  

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