Friday, April 28, 2006

Divine Peace

yep, no services. at least not yet.

just took a road trip with the assisterant to scope out divine peace.

the campsite will be more rustic than casey since we won't have the peace house watching our back.

i'm going to start looking for some foam or something because those rocks look sharp.

i was thinking about the camp casey family joining the native americans in their peaceful protest against this bombing. i was asking myself what we are bringing to this communion. one thing we bring with us is our message -- "what noble cause?"

once, when i was acting in a chekov play, i went to a russian orthodox church service and later met the priest (minister, pastor?) when he so graciously hosted the cast at his home for dinner. one of the images he used to explain his religion was a staircase or a ladder. as you live your life on this incline you have to keep moving, there is no rest or stagnation. and every action or inaction either moves you up the staircase (and i assumed closer to god) or down the staircase. with every breath you are either doing good or not.

and as we join with others who have protested what we are doing to this earth we can at the very least ask the world if this action, this bomb test, this flexing of our muscles is moving us up the ladder or down.

is this a noble cause?

why are we doing it? to test a bomb? for what? to kill. is that a noble cause?

what if the killing is in "defense of democracy?" how exactly does that work? what are we defending if it has to be done by killing indiscriminately? and bombs are indiscriminate. especially 700 ton bombs. or nuclear bombs. indiscriminate killers. is that a noble cause?


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