Saturday, April 01, 2006

An American Revolution

this is one of the coolest things i've ever seen in my life.

as if i didn't already have some personal feelings about the CHEVY TAHOE. as if i didn't already have some general feelings about all SUVs...

then CHEVY TAHOE comes along and offers me a chance to make my very own CHEVY TAHOE commercial! it's a tie in with "The Apprentice" or some other craplicious tv entree recently pureed for my easy swallowing convenience.

i wish that i could show you the three little ditties that i ditted but i can't (UPDATE: see above). alas, CHEVY TAHOE may be on to us after, what.. two weeks? i can create to my little bleeding heart's content, but i can't save. i have to submit them to CHEVY TAHOE first before they'll send me a copy.

BUT that means that somebody at CHEVY TAHOE is actually looking at these things! how do i know? because, if you make blandola, ra-ra, i-love-my-dumb-car-more-than-my-dumb-husband-and-isn't-that-funny kinda spot, it comes through! so someone, somewhere is screening these. even if it's an intern/flunky/slave who's telling them that a certain percentage is unacceptable because it seems that a lot of people actively hate your product and your practices and what your company stands for, CHEVY TAHOE is getting the message.

and what is the message that most folks are sending? most are variations on the themes of global warming, blood for oil, slothfulness, asshole drivers and overcompensation for underrepresentation (dick jokes). of course, all of these messages end with the tag line,

this is a revolution. a "sit on it and spin" kind of revolution. CHEVY TAHOE provided us with a tool and we've sharpened it like a shiv and shoved it up their shiny chrome asses. and as far as any real marketing advantage for CHEVY TAHOE, the feel on the web is that folks aren't particularly moved to figure out how to use their interface just to make a lame car commercial.

but for those of us who do care about things like... the future, say... we're plenty motivated to send tons o' original content - and FOR FREE! you're welcome CHEVY TAHOE. how's it feel to be the one bending over, taking it up the ass for a change? i'm downright giddy.

i hope the libs at GM who still haven't quit from pangs of conscience will be finally moved to do so -- after they've laughed their asses off for a while.

and now for the links to some of my faves:
Just Do It
Sex Machine
With Us?
W's Car

and there are TONS more at Democratic Underground. for now. who knows when/if CHEVY TAHOE will yank them. (there are a few posted at YouTube. hope more show up there soon)
WARNING: watching these things is ADDICTIVE. lock up the cats and the kids. put the spouse to bed and smoke it if you got it.

then make one of your own.

or make two.
or three...


Anonymous Rio said...

Unfortunatly, capturing these videos and uploading them to YouTube isn't an easy process. I used Snagit to record the video. Unfortunately, Snagit doesn't record audio. So... I then used Audacity to record the audio. Audacity is a free open source program you can download from sourceforge, but Snagit is proprietary software. You could try to search source forge for free video capturing utilities if you like.

April 02, 2006 5:31 PM  
Blogger Dutchman said...

thanks Rio! I'll have to try all of that- we want to keep these little gems before the folks at Chevy get wise...

this is fun...

I only hope other retailers get the bright idea... like when Pringles started PRINTING things on their "potato" chips... and they asked for suggestions on their website. I suggested a few:
1) This is not food.
2) You are only getting fatter
3) Help me, I'm a hostage in the Pringles factory
4) Soylent Green in people!
5) There's a WAR on and you're reading a potato chip - and you wonder whay they hate us?

April 03, 2006 9:03 AM  

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