Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chevy Tahoe Censorship

so we've all been having loads of fun at CHEVY TAHOE's expense lately and they've been proudly exclaiming that it's all part of their plan and the cost of doing blogvertising yadayadayada.. but we've suspected all along that there's some censorship happening too.

no way to really prove it, but if you post an ad and it doesn't work then you post it again, right? i've mastered their little program quite well and i made one i call "august" and it's been yanked three times. i'll post it here again soon, but just in case it gets yanked again, i'll let you imagine it. is it the foul language that chevy opposes? is it the accusations of greed and global destruction they don't like? it hasn't been a problem with others' ads. so let's see what's so bad about "august"

MUSIC: Ominous chords up in background

VISUALS: Ugly grill of an SUV bearing down on the camera

TEXT: I remember that asshole in my rearview

VISUALS: More grill of SUV bearing down on camera

TEXT: It was hot. It was August in Texas

VISUALS: SUV close up trying to pass on the left

TEXT: The guy was trying to pick a fight

VISUAL: Blue background

TEXT: We would never buy an SUV like that

VISUAL: Yellow background

TEXT: But we rented one

VISUAL: Yellow background

TEXT: Camped in it for a week, outside Bush's "ranch," alongside Cindy Sheehan & thousands more

VISUAL: View of interior shot from rear with back hatch open.

TEXT: It was quite cozy. Kept the spiders out.

VISUAL: Blue background

TEXT: We're going back this Easter. Join us.

VISUAL: Green background


VISUAL: Black background with logo


so what's the problem Chevy? not the revolution you had in mind? don't you support the troops?

Censor this, motherfuckers!


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