Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bush sorry? wow... hold the presses!

breaking news! bush says he's made a mistake...

guess we can all give him a break now..

i'm not buying it.

in fact it reminds me of another dictator who liked to play cat and mouse when he knew he was bluffing. that guy was saddam hussein. i remember when bush was breathing down his neck forcing him to prove a negative - that he didn't have wmd (after the weapons inspectors had already said as much) - and he would say he did and then he didn't and then he did... and i remember thinking "of course they guy's not going to admit the truth, he's bluffing because he's surrounded by enemies we helped him make!"

and each time it would just get junior all riled up - which is how he apparently likes it - and give him another excuse to march to war.

and now junior is playing the same game with our congress. now that he's backed into a corner he's going to be contrite for about a minute and see if he can blow some smoke up some asses long enough to put us into yet another untenable position.

it's all an act. he's an asshole. he's always been an asshole. he's also a dictator.

he took us into this war on the pretext of protecting us from some other boogeyman dictator who spied on his own people, sent his own young into an endless war, imprisoned citizens without trial and condoned torture. and now he's doing the same fucking thing.

and our young, noble, brave, patriotic men and women are dying for his bullshit crusade.

and i and you are letting this happen.


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