Saturday, February 03, 2007

united for piss and vinegar

so, last week when we were getting ready to go to dc to protest the war, i repeatedly went to the united for peace and justice website to get updates on schedules and actions and such. sometimes i would accidentally type in into my browser and when i did i ended up at this snerky little site :

"united for peas and justice" hahahahaha

so, after doing this a couple of times and getting more annoyed, i sent them an email:

From: Cassandra Complex []

Sent: 19 January 2007 00:11


Subject: united for peas and war?

y'all look kinda dickish to me. don't get me wrong, i like peas and all, but why would you commandeer the ufpj site name and then not even give an opportunity to redirect on your homepage. check out they redirect you to amoebarecords and it gives you all warm fuzzyfeelings about them as human beings. [i've recently rechecked the amoeba sites. it looks like the original amoeba folks gave up their original domain name - now you end up at amoebarecords right away] but y'all look like you hogged a domain name, thought you'd be cute by making it about "peas and justice" and then ... what? maybe you're not really for peace and justice? maybe you're all prowar? think about it...

and this is the response i got from the peaslovers:

From : Tim Mudge
Sent : Friday, January 19, 2007 12:38 AM
To : "Cassandra Complex"

Subject :
RE: united for peas and war?

You should really get out more.
All we want to do is get people to eat more peas.
Now run along and play and make sure you play nicely

so i guess my initial instinct that told me these folks were dicks was right. i wrote mr. mudge back and told him that i got out just fine. just got back from the dc protests which is more than his little snerky self seems to be doing.

i don't think i like peas so much anymore...

UPDATE: the peaslovers have taken their "united for peas and justice" logo off the site. it's a good start. now a little link to redirect on the site to the largest peace org in america might be the next step... or just give the domain name to ufpj. no one's looking for peas there anyway...



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