Monday, February 12, 2007

i'm proud the dixie chicks are from texas

i don't usually go in for the awards show thing much, but the grammys were great.

congrats dixie chicks! it's so fantastic to see y'all get the last word -- and not in a creepy, i-told-you-so kind of way, but as a reflection of the way the tide has turned and the country seems to be coming to its senses.

i am absolutely dying to see "shut up and sing" but i was pretty sure i wouldn't be able to see it in a movie theatre since i would either scream at the screen the entire time or spontaneously combust from trying to hold my tongue. and after tonight's cheering at the tube, i know i was right to wait. but it's not out on dvd until tuesday the 20th so i'm still in tortuous anticipation.

i have someone very close to me whom i would really like to ask about the dc's journey. someone who is greatly distressed by the war and our president but who was also outraged at the chicks and sent me that pic of them photoshopped with saddam hussein. i really would like to ask her if her opinion has changed but i don't want it to seem like i'm rubbing her nose in something. i'm sincerely not. i've said it many times, i wish i had been wrong about my suspicions of this administration and predictions about this war. and i have great compassion for those who were wrong and wronged. it's time for all of us to make nice and start digging ourselves out of this shit.


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