Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"Quit yer dayjob" -J.B., Tenacious D

I have a great dayjob. Well, I work in a really cool place. Complete strangers call me at my job and tell me how badly they wished they worked there. That ever since they were a little child they've dreamed about working exactly where I work.

So it makes it pretty hard to complain.

But I am up for that challenge.

No, seriously, I have a great job, I know it. It could pay better. I could have health benefits. I could actually get a little security in my life for the 40 hours a week I give to the dream factory. But hey, I know I could have it worse. Much worse...

I can't tell you where I work. But you would recognize my lovable overlords from years of consuming popular American culture. I'm proud to be a part of it. I would be prouder still if they could help me with the old doctor bills. Well, I'm working on that...

Anyway... work has picked up lately, which is good for business, bad for keeping up with what's going on... today was a blurry day... things flashed past my computer screen...

Did George W. Bush give some kid the finger? It's impossible to prove- the blogger himself admits the picture didn't come out. But the Washington Post mentioned it (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the column). So did Wonkette. I think I found it through Atrios.

The point is not did he or didn't he. It doesn't matter, because people who already hate him will just see it as more proof of what an unimaginable, unworthy prick he is. People who love him will think it's fucking great. Fucking Bush, man. He's my BOY!

That's what matters. Bush/Cheney started out calling one guy an asshole, Cheney told a U.S. Senator to "fuck himself" and then was all cocky about it.

But c'mon- we're all grownups, right? These are tough times , and these are tough guys with tough jobs using a little tough talk.

Fine. Just keep your God-damned mother fucking hands off the people's airwaves you no-good, hypocritical, moralizing, lying sacks of dog shit.

I love how the truly dumb people are jumping on the Michael Moore bashing bandwagon. Pressed for a reason to hate him, they say he lies. Pressed to explain where he lied, they say they haven't seen the film, because he lies. People say he lies, so he must. Look, at least hav e a good reason. Own up to it. Cite a fact or two. He sticks up for the little guy- just admit you're against the little guy. Here- if you need a reason to question Michael Moore, how about a far-left website's recent article suggesting Moore is in league with the Neocons. This site is so far left, it's practically Middle Earth.. Or Humboldt County...

The Senate debated gay marriage today? Oh, for the love of all that's holy, leave the Constitution alone, you fucking fanatics. George W. Tells us gay marriage threatens the institution of marriage. He doesn't explain how, he just says it. That's how he operates. And half the people seem to go for it. I ask myself, where do the Libertarians stand on this- c'mon you fence sitting clever motherfuckers- raise a stink for the wee gay folk!

Did I stumble across this today? Did we really have a plan to invade Saudi Arabia and take their oil fields back in the 70's? Back when Saddam was a "friend in the region." I know , for half the people the invasion in Iraq was about Freedom and Liberation and the Dictator and feeling like bad ass mother fuckers after getting hit on 9/11, and for the other half it stinks to high Hell and this wasn't the way we thought America should behave... but the oil... let's all admit it... it's ok.... this country would not risk treasure in a region where there wasn't treasure to be found, or protected, or monopolized through support and distribution.

UPDATE: Talk about a long day. I wrote this last night and then blogger went down and I lost it. The Senate Repugs didn't have the votes so they dropped the bill. Bush is running his election as a culture war, and he's losing Republican support. Because he's not a true Republican! I'll bet Ronald Reagan never liked him. I suspect his own dad doesn't like, he's not a Republican... he's something much, much worse... I just hope this phony gay marriage "issue" turns the swings towards Kerry. Grown-up Americans don't like being told how to live.


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