Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Random (suicidal) thoughts

Just finished watching "THIRST" on PBS' POV Series.

One more reason I don't believe in keeping a gun in the house. As soon as the show was over I would have found it and used it to blow my brains out.

Few thoughts to recap:

What oil was to the 20th century, water will be to the 21st century.

The words river and rival come from the same root.
When the corporations own all the water and the humans have to pay for it, who's going to pay for the water for the animals?  Like the bunnies and the deer and the lions and the tigers and the bears, oh my!  In India women dug wells closer to their land in the deserts to make their lives easier.  Coca cola and Pepsi came in and sucked the water out from underneath them.  It happened.  Wonder why I'm suicidal.
The World Bank says someone has to pay for the water.  OK.  Does that mean that someone has to make a profit from it?  This is about creating World Customers instead of World Citizens.  Are you ready to belly up to the water bar?

I'll never buy bottled water again. (I don't really do it as it is. I do use a PUR water filter thing in the fridge so that I can have cold water. I have bought bottled water in the past just for the bottles, so that I can use them to carry water around with me from my fridge. However, my boycott begins today. The Sierra Club has just published a brochure which they will be happy to provide to any group or chapter which wants to join the campaign to discourage the use of bottled water.)

I've said it before, I'll say it again. When the men with the money (Bush/Cheney) have privatized everything -- warriors (halliburton/caci), education (tutors to help our kids pass the endless "No Child Left Behind" tests that have supplanted actual teaching), and water (Municipal infrastructures selling out to Bechtel/Thames/Coca-cola) it won't matter whether they are elected anymore.


So go ahead and swallow.  There's plenty more comin your way.

PS.  Heard on the radio that LA is replacing Chlorine with more Cloramine in the tap water.  That's supposedly safe for humans but is gonna kill the fish in your aquariums.  Wonder what it'll do to the fishies in the ocean?  Who cares about the fishies in the oceans anyway?  Bye bye fishies!


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