Friday, October 08, 2004

fevered ramblings

well, my generous partner shared his evil cold with me (THANX HONEY) and i'm really not thinking too straight. but the blog keeps beckoning me. i don't know if this actual shit is what's keeping me awake, or needing to write it down and get it out of my system is keeping me awake, but while i'm waiting for the nyquil to kick in i'll jot down some of the stuff that's stuck in my craw..


1. dickhead acts all aghast because edwards doesn't include iraqi partners in the coalition casualty numbers. fuck you, cheney! i thought dead iraqis weren't being counted. what does an iraqi have to do to be counted when he or she dies? be wearing the right colored uniform? carrying the right kind of gun? we know that being an innocent child doesn't qualify them for any type of body count as far as the u.s. officials are concerned. (tell that to the troops who have to live with the memories of the innocents they've killed.) according to factcheck.ORG - there is no OFFICIAL count anywhere. if edwards is "demeaning their sacrifice by not counting" them then why aren't you, the one in charge COUNTING them? you're an asshole.

2. complain all you want about kerry and edwards being absent from the senate during this campaign. they are trying to save this country (and this world). at least they're doing it on their own dime. you and the chimp are doing it on air force one and two which is my dime. and that's not even counting the unexcused absences like vacation time and time spent in your chicken-shit undisclosed location.

3. for the life of me i don't know how anyone can compare george w.'s. record to kerry's or edwards'. edwards may be relatively new to the game but as far as i can tell he didn't spend the first 40 years of his life pissed drunk, pissing on cop cars, or pissing away daddy's money. as a senator, edwards has at least some foreign policy experience and as a former texan i know for a fact that the governor of texas is basically a figurehead. it's the lt. gov. that does the real work.


so now that howard stern says he's going to satellite radio next year, all the poor (and the pedestrians) will be abandoned to the religious wingnuts and right-wing whackos who will control the airwaves!

Bush and his cronies are all about dividing to conquer. howard is part of the privateers now. the rest of us will have to choose between insurance/food and entertainment. which would you choose?

free speech shouldn't cost money!

when free speech costs money, only the rich will (hear howard) speak freely.

if the King of Free Speech speaks in the forest but his listeners can't afford to get in, does anyone hear him?

howard's always been for the working stiff. i'm currently "under employed." my partner works for a small, famous family entertainment company that keeps telling him to work faster so they can lay him off when he's finished. they've been telling him that for four years. we have to buy our own health insurance which means we can't get covered for any pre-existing conditions (anything treated for the LAST TEN YEARS). we can't afford cable, movies, dinners out, etc... our one luxury is this computer and a decent internet connection. we sure as hell aren't going to be able to pay $13 bucks a month for radio PLUS $7 PER EXTRA RADIO

you can say i'm whining but this is what bush has done to us and now howard is playing into his privateering hands.


watch out for a cool new party idea! and i came up with it! i've been in correspondence with the folks who made the movie "Bush's Brain." want to throw a scaaaaary halloween party? want to come to mine? stay tooooooooooooooned! BOO!


got this missive from scarlet pimpernel. if you've ever wanted to be a radical but were too afraid to cross the road, here's your chance:

Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2004 3:35 PM
Subject: Freeway Free Speech Day: Oct. 13th

Dear Friends,
Thanks so much for your help over this past year... We're heading into the final stretch before the election and hopefully prepared for whatever fresh hell may follow. On October 13th, activists in all fifty states will be putting up handpainted signs expressing their political beliefs on the freeways and highways of this nation. So far there are just over 400 of us signed in from 160+ cities and suburbs in 40 states. At the rate people are signing up there's no doubt there'll be over a thousand of us come the 13th, and I truly hope you'll ask your readers to join in. The rules are simple: paint a sign and put it where people will see it. Let me know the city/suburb/township where you'll be doing it and how many of you there'll be. I'm putting together one hell of a press release.

Signs can be any size, large or small, and can say whatever you want them to. When the Founders of this nation gave us the right to free and unfettered political speech, that meant we had the right to speak out and make our feelings known to as many of our fellow citizens as possible if we chose to do so, and on October 13th, that's just what we're going to do.

This event is being covered by Air America, MTV, Pacifica Radio and will be receiving national and international media attention, so do what you can to spread the word. I don't know what, if any effect this'll have on the election, but I do know this - we're sure as hell gonna know how to express ourselves when they try to steal it this time around.

Thanks Again,

Scarlet P.


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