Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ooh- it's speech night!

In honor of the speech Dear Leader is about to give because his poll numbers stink and the Senate mid-terms are next year and his cronies aren't finished destroying America...

UPDATE: In the post-speech after glow, LiberalOasis has The Annotated Speech.

I think it was Malloy on Air America last night, or maybe the local and yes, often annoying Johnny Wendel that remembered Johnson only giving speeches surrounded by troops, and then Nixon doing the same... I'd say Bush was in trouble like LBJ and Tricky Dick, but he's a lame duck- a lame duck in a China shop, flapping his wings like fucking crazy and smashing everything on his way out the door.

People say he choked up at the end? He should be sobbing and apologizing and praying to Christ to redeem him of his sins...


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