Saturday, August 27, 2005

"Republicans" Infiltrate Camp Casey

Yes, it's already happened. And it's not what you think.

What kind of republicans? The kind of republicans who only think of themselves, who don't believe that contributing to the greater good, who believe that all folks are equal -- only some are more equal than others.

See not everyone can drop everything and be here. Some have prior commitments. Some have jobs, commitments, children, parents, "loved ones" whom need to be cared for whom can't be left or brought along. In the case of those folks some of them have sent money, food, supplies. What they haven't sent is labor. So we have lots of donated goods. What we need is donated elbow grease.

But apparently the blog folks -- the writers, not the readers -- are more equal than others. Every morning when we have our camp meeting we sign up for volunteer duties like parking, security, cooking, cleaning, organizing, stocking ice chests, welcoming folks -- you name it, the duties are endless -- but the bloggers don't participate. They are asked for a couple of hours a day, they are fed and shaded in return. And mind you, these folks, while studiously ignoring the call, were asked directly to volunteer. They said they couldn't because they were blogging.

The question is. What exactly are you blogging about if you aren't participating?

And what kind of piggy pig pig liberals won't give up a limited amount of bandwidth to the volunteers who do work when they would like to sign on check their emails?

Just venting. Must get back to work now. Peace out....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the funny thing is, there are hardly any good blogs outta there either. Cindy Sheehan, who is incredibly busy, writes more every day than they do. PErhaps they are republicans. I think the camp organizers are and the Crawford Peace House who paid off their mortgage and now say they need money to buy water.

August 27, 2005 3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is chips and salsa.

I don't really think this is fair. I would only consider myself a mild blogger, (see my little blog), but I did tons of work around the place. I worked security at night, handed water out during the day, sometime getting no sleep to help out. I worked so hard I had a mild heat stroke and my feet swelled up to twice thier usual size. I agree that some people may not help out as much as others but the bloggers are just very noticable because they sit in one place during their down time. Look around at some of the people who stay in hotels or slip in and out, staying only for meals.

Come on, be fair, we aren't all schlubs!

August 27, 2005 10:35 PM  
Blogger Cassandra Complex said...

hey chips and salsa,

you are right. the bloggers are not all schlubs... and i'm sorry that you thought i was including you in my little self righteous rant. obviously, you know i'm wrong aboutcha because you were sweating it out with us!

and to tell the truth, i saw two of the bigger blogger/non volunteers working their asses off sunday and monday, so either they got with the program or i was just wrong wrong wrong all along long long...

take care of those ankles and feet. mine are still swollen, bruised and fuuuucked up. ice and elevate and take good care of yourself. viva la volunteers!

August 30, 2005 8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're fired!

I'm not mad at you, how could I be? You were the sunshine of my trip. Our midnight BBQ and taking care of everyone around.

Just wanted to stick up for myself!

August 31, 2005 10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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