Sunday, August 28, 2005

protest warriors attacked by their own kind- hilarious

From Cindy Sheehan's blog: a friend of hers went to the pro-war rally in Crawford yesterday and saw those asshole Protest Warriors get attacked by their own kind:

"My friend said that the rally was really the scariest thing he had ever seen. Except for one funny part when some people were walking through the crowd with a "Say No to War---except when a Democrat is President" (whatever that means???) sign. I guess the people at the rally only read the "Say No to War" part and they were ripping up the signs and chasing the gentlemen out. The unfortunate sign holders were trying to tell the counter-protesters that they were on Bush's killing side, but the crowd wouldn't hear them. "

From the NY Times (registration is free:)

"At the pro-Bush rally, there were some heated moments when two members of Protest Warrior, a group that frequently holds counter protests to anti-war rallies, walked in with a sign that read ''Say No to War -- Unless a Democrat is President.''

Many Bush supporters only saw the top of the sign and believed the men were war protesters, so they began shouting and chasing the pair out. One man tore up their signs. When Will Marean of Minneapolis kept repeating that he was on the Bush side and tried to explain Protest Warrior's mission, one Bush supporter shook his hand and apologized."

See, Protest Warriors, people on your side don't do well with irony, or nuance. Or spelling, usually. Your whole schtick is to go to anti-war protests and try to make us look stupid, not go to the Pro-War Death Celebrations and make you and the rest of the stupid look stupider. Will Marean. C'mon, man, remember the mission.

Hope you enjoyed feeling their hate. Anybody punch you in the face for Jesus?


Now go enlist, Will Marean, you sorry sad fucker.

(photo and more from tbogg)

UPDATE: fun with freepers via atrios.

a freeper censored by freepers cuz his freepy sign too creepy - they're ugly and cruel, but not that ugly and cruel...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jeeze-lets leave the sarcasm in your head and out of print please. You don't know how to use it to favor your position because you jump back and forth to sarcasm then no sarcasm then back to it and so on till the reader has to scratch their head and think "boy-whatever he just said sure didn't mean anything to me, but I am not going to try re-reading that confusing mess." Why not re-read? Not nearly enough time to do the zillions of things that will never get done today that are left for tommorrow.

November 06, 2006 11:35 PM  
Blogger Cassandra Complex said...

i remember one of my favorite letterman sketches back in the days of larry bud melman. after larry followed something he said literally, letterman stated, "don't use sarcasm with stupid people"

i've reread a couple of times and don't understand your problem mr. "anonymous." -- that was a sarcastic barb aimed at the incredible act of bravery you show by not using an identity -- oops, more sarcasm, must... keep... pointing... it... out... to... idyot!

and, in case the identity of the speaker is what's throwing you, you might notice there are differences in fonts (also known as print types -- more sarcasm)

February 23, 2007 1:24 AM  

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