Saturday, August 27, 2005

skewed views of camp casey from outside

cassandra is apparently going to ask me what I see of Camp Casey from the outside

one thing I found googling last night was some bloggery about Camp Casey having been taken over by COINTELPRO. It's a conspiracy theory critcial of the organizers at Campy Casey and the Crawford Peace House. This kind of indignant nit-picking of how the movement is run (while not doing any of the heavy lifting) makes progressives look like a bunch of fucking morons

Benfrank's COINTELPRO article reads like a a brilliant piece of COINTELPRO reverse-psychology propaganda, by the way.

cassandra mentioned on the phone that every day they have a volunteer circle ("who's going to clean the toilets today?") and the bloggers never volunteer ("their contribution to the cause is their blogging")

Jesus Christ, are they all Howard Zinns? I'm having a a hard time finding these blogs from Camp Casey, frankly.

Reminds me of a sign in the collective (and I do mean that kind of collective) kitchen at the San Francisco Mime Troupe, posted over the sink: "the revolution can't start until you do your own dishes")

it dismays me that people are criticizing the "leaders" of Camp Casey for not making Joan Baez's folksy nightly jams into a Lollapalooza to bring in the left-leaning kiddies.

it is a vigil. what do you want to celebrate? it's not a party.

i know cassandra is working really fucking hard there and that she just walked up and asked "what needs to be done" without ego (and because she feels for all the losses of this war everyday, and we do not have "skin in the game" either- but every day we are living lives during wartime and she needed to go and do whatever needs to be done) - and i can imagine that to some lazy blogger sitting at their laptop imagining they're creating the "Crisis Papers" of our time, feeling a little guilty watching the worker bees scurry about, that our cassandra may have become one of the more visible ones, one of the "bosses", and you are directing your lazy venom towards her

get off your ass and do it better or shut up. you're fucking up a movement that is so essential to soul of our nation

remember- this could be a turning point

not in our name's blogger Jeff Patterson's Campy Casey pages with photos. i hope he's picking up after himself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you ever heard of cointelpro and what they do? They infiltrate peacegroups, assume leadership positions and then lead people astray. The peace house denied paying off it's mortgage, but low and behold turns out they did. Now they are asking for more money. I think there is something wrong with that. There has also been much discussion and no denial that they turned down 212 acres from Fred Mattlage, which could have kept everyone united in one place and made it much more convenient for people to camp. As is, Camp organizers are telling everyone 'no more camping' go elsewhere. No more parking- don't come. Cindy wanted to bring people in not turn them away.
And the most fucked up issue is calling the cops on socialists, meanwhile letting PETA and NOW stay. Something sounds a little off to me.
But go ahead, shoot the messenger.

August 27, 2005 7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the waking up of the anti-war movement, that is what there is to celebrate. Cindy never meant it to be about her grieving. She came to Crawford pissed off, and then instead found hope...hope that with so many people supporting her, we really can change things. Hope should be celebrated and spread around. Read her blog. It is the "leaders" that are not following her message. We should be feeling joy at the incredible souls coming together, and our potential to affect change.
This is also a chance to tell the truth on the MSM which just wants to focus on grieving. Cindy wants to expose the LIES! We need to bring up the Downing Street Memo continually. There are republicans out there that still haven't heard about it, and if they did, it could change some minds. Why aren't the "leaders" allowing a debate with Camp Qualls? It would be the perfect way to expose the truth. They have nothing and would just embarass themselves. Our side could use the time to teach people. ya dig? We could be using this movement and momentum to pull the whole house of cards down, but there are people actively trying to squash it and they are winning which just pisses me off. I mean go around the net, there are all kinds of people saying 'don't go to crawford', just give more money to the Crawford Peace House instead. I don't know but it seems suspicious to me.

August 27, 2005 7:45 PM  
Blogger Dutchman said...

anonymous dudes, I'm in direct contact with people ON THE GROUND there, and there are @ 20 core volunteers at each camp taking care of and cleaning up after about 2,000 on Saturday, and what do they get for their efforts? they get accused of being COINTELPRO- that's all I'm saying

These volunteers don't want praise, acknowledgement, or any attention for themselves- but they don't deserve condemnation from the sidelines, do they?

(And yes, I know what COINTELPRO is- but thanks for the explainer- many people have never heard of it-I've witnessed it at a labor strike- I wonder what it is actually called now? The Department of Homeland Security?)

Who needs COINTELPRO when the movement will sink itself by buying and spreading this COINTELPRO/Freeper bullshit sideshow crap like this stuff about the Peace House's mortgage?

Like the dishes at the Mime Troupe, even the bills need to get paid- but lets' discuss it in a commitee until YOU feel good about it.

This is about logistics- have you ever organized a mass movement, a rally?

Dudes- did it ever occur to you that the mortgage on the peace house NEEDED TO BE PAID? The reason the p.o. box for the CPH is in Dallas is because that's where the mortgage holder LIVES- cassandra has spoken with him- he was hoping W would not have been reelected for all the usual reasons, of course, PLUS he would have liked to have gone HOME...

Maybe 20 volunteers didn't want to MANAGE a 212 acre progressive festival camp - maybe they couldn't

Would visions of CHAOS in a Texas field help the cause?

As I tried to google coverage from Camp Casey early Satruday, the top hits I was getting was progressive/left-wing cat fights about COINTELPRO and the "leaders" and all that and it dismayed me. ok?

I have somebody there who is working themselves sick to keep the thing running- and being called "bossy" by so-called peace activists because she asks them to move the line for the shuttle into the shade before they all get heat stroke en masse. What a fascist she must be!

that's all I'm saying

but please, do spend more time explaining the evil twisted machinations of the Crawford Peace House- probably built by Halliburton, no? Talk about going "off-message"

tell you what- I will try to be open-minded to the idea that the people running the Crawford Peace House (which I assume will continue to operate after Cindy follows W to D.C., so I imagine they will need more donations at least until 2008)- how about you two anonymous dudes try to be open to the idea that the CPH might NOT be a Karl Rove dirty trick, and then let's all keep whatever we find out in the back of our minds while we work harder and harder every day to get our military out of Iraq.

Yes, anonymous dude #2- now is the time to get Downing Street Memo on the MSM-(wasn't Cindy on the Today Show Friday A.M.- on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night? I someone there stifling her?)

Re: A debate with Camp Qualls- that's what Camp Qualls wants- why let them dictate what's going to happen at Campy Casey? So FOX News and the rest can re-cut the debate to make the left look nutty?

feel free to post any links that show how the CPH is corrupt- i will check them out- or don't if you think your time might be spent doing something more constructive, like organizing- doing the logistical work in your community, doing the heavy lifting, the stuff that isn't "fun"- is there a Camp Casey where you live? Do they have enough water? Is someone picking up the trash there so the local Fox affiliate can't swing by and do a story on the "dirty hippies?"

Oh, and let's all STOP THE FUCKING WAR in the meantime

August 28, 2005 11:29 AM  
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